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Letter from the Editor: Plans for 2014

By Mo Bhasin ‘15  |  january, 2014, Issue 1

This issue marks the first in a transition; after a year of stewardship, the class of 2014 has handed over the ChiBus reins to the class of 2015. Thanks to Anne Panek and the 2014 team we have a strong editorial and financial foundation to work with. We're thrilled to be here and have exciting plans for the year ahead that we want to share with you.

The goal of this paper is to be professional, playful and provocative. Every student here is exceptionally accomplished and has a wealth of personal and professional experience that gifts them with unique and thought-provoking opinions. We want the newspaper to be a forum where students can share, read and discuss these opinions. So, expect more in-depth articles, opinion pieces and less retrospective news & events coverage. Expect these pieces to be inclusive and entertaining – starting with two impressive articles this edition from Aubrey Donnellan and Jared Barnett.

While we hope that you enjoy this new take, we know you still enjoy seeing yourself, your friends, their talents and their achievements showcased. Continue to expect plenty goofy pictures and stories of Booth might and valor to balance out the seriousness.

Ultimately, we're looking to experiment and try new things. Some may stick and some may bomb, but we will have the numbers to back it. With 2000 unique visitors a month on our website, we gather most of our readers are eco-conscious hippies who prefer to avoid the dead tree version, so expect to see improvements online and more content on Janis Joplin.

Finally, we want to hear from you! What are you interested in hearing more about? If you're interested in getting involved, being part of a Booth institution or if you have a story you want to share, contact us at

Last Updated 1/14/14
Last Updated 1/14/14