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Everything at Booth is a Competition – Even Waiting in Line

By Tyler Kearn '15  |  february, 2014, Issue 2
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The line for tickets went around the corner and down the hall

It was 11:10, I was standing at the back of a line over 30 people long, the tickets were not going to go on sale until noon, and I didn't even know if we were lined up in the right place. Of course, we were lined up to buy tickets to the Booth/Kellogg basketball game, followed by the Bulls game. The line had formed near the mailboxes – the spot where tickets are typically sold – and had already worked its way around the corner and down the hall.

However, all we knew is that the location where the tickets were to be sold would be emailed out "shortly" beforehand. Presumably, this was to give people with classes that ended at 11:30 a chance of scoring tickets. The chatter of the people around me in line was that the tickets were probably not going to be sold at the mailboxes – after all, that's where they are always sold – and would instead be somewhere else in the building. Some people even went to scout out other potential ticket sale spots, to see if someone was setting up ticket sales somewhere while we were all distracted waiting in line in the wrong place.
As I waited, more and more people lined up behind me, going all the way down the hallway towards the reception area. At least if I was going to wait for another 45 minutes, I had company! The power of FOMO is amazing.

At 11:30, an email went out saying that the tickets would be sold at the mailboxes, exactly where we were already waiting. Perhaps there are is really only one place at Harper where tickets can be sold, perhaps some of the people at the front of the line had better information than I did, or maybe we just guessed right. Then the tickets went on sale early, just after 11:30. The people waiting in line were rewarded for their efforts, and I got my tickets.

I feel like much of this situation is a direct consequence of the way expectations are set. When we are told that the line will form early and tickets will sell out, the result is that people decide they need to line up early so they can get a ticket before they sell out! People who cannot wait in line ask their friends to get tickets for them, resulting in the tickets selling out even faster.

Indeed, shortly after the tickets went on sale an email went out announcing that they were sold out. However, if you still really want to go to the game (taking place Wed Feb 26), or your FOMO is getting the better of you, don't despair, it is still possible to go. You'll just have to buy the tickets on your own. Information was sent out via email as to which sections Boothies will be sitting, so you can buy a ticket to sit near the group.

Last Updated 2/24/14
Last Updated 2/24/14