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Editor’s response to last week’s article “Despite Falling Temperatures, Competition among Nonprofits Heats Up”

By Mo Bhasin '15  |  february, 2014, Issue 1

Many students brought to our attention that the recent satirical article "Despite Falling Temperatures..." was insensitive and attempted to be humorous by making fun of homeless people. I love and appreciate the animated responses we received in person and via email, one of which is published here. Thank you for expressing yourselves and sharing your opinions.

Your voice shapes this publication and we will take every effort to represent ourselves clearly and in a respectable fashion. Given that this article could be misunderstood as representing MBA students as classist and elitist, we apologize that the content was offensive. Expect us to be circumspect moving forward.

While many were offended, students also found the article humorous and entertaining. So while being sensitive not to offend, we want to remain a forum for discourse where dissenting opinions can respectfully disagree. The views represented in the articles represent the views of the authors and not those of the Chicago Business or Booth. We plan to continue to support our students in their desire to voice their ideas and positions.

Mo Bhasin

Last Updated 2/11/14
Last Updated 2/11/14