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January 14, 2013

Editorial: Staff and Content Changes in Place for Chicago Business

By ChiBus Staff  |  january, 2013, Issue 1

The beginning of a new year always seems to encourage some type of assessment, bringing with it the twin urges of retrospection and renewal. Chicago Business is no stranger to these sentiments. When the proverbial torch was passed to us last month, some heavy discussions about the intention of the paper and its role within the Booth community ensued. The result: the purpose of Chicago Business is not only to inform, but to engage. This means we may need to push some boundaries. We're not advocating controversial or provocative stories for their own sake, but we won't shrink from stories that don't inspire general agreement. We want to remain your source for relevant and professional information about the Booth community, while also surprising you, connecting with you, and maybe making you slightly uncomfortable. We take this seriously. After all, our reputation is at stake.

The previous editors, Christopher (Chris) Laws and Elizabeth (Liz) Oates, set this in motion by reorganizing the incoming staff. Now, each major section of the paper has its own editor, which will allow us to increase both the depth and the breadth of the coverage. In addition to the section editors, three additional appointments have been made for the marketing and distribution of the paper. While our previous experience in media differs widely, we share a common passion for writing and for the paper itself. We also believe that the diversity of our professional backgrounds and personal interests will allow us to better represent the Booth student body. In addition to promoting this reorganization, Chris and Liz are commended for the considerable amount of time and other resources they dedicated to Chicago Business during the past year. It is only through their strong foundation that we have the ability to continue moving forward.

We encourage you to communicate with us. The Perspectives section should serve as your voice, while News, People and Lifestyle should fairly reflect your experience at Booth. If you disagree with a story or think that a relevant topic has been unexplored, let us know. This is your newspaper. As the American playwright Arthur Miller noted so succinctly, "A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself." Our challenge to you: Make yourself heard.

Last Updated 1/20/13
Last Updated 1/20/13