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February 11, 2013

Keeping it Together During Interviewing Season

By Molly Potter, Second-Year Career Advisor  |  february, 2013, Issue 1

Interviews are finally here and congratulations as many of you have a few under your belt already. However, I know this is probably the most stressful time in your MBA career so here are a few helpful tips for staying sane during the crazy interview season.

1. Stay positive! Make a list of your greatest accomplishments and remind yourself of these before interviews. It is important to walk into that interview with confidence and be in the right mindset, which definitely isn't necessarily easy given all of the other things you are juggling simultaneously.

2. Relax. When you are not preparing for interviews, have fun! Go to TNDC, hang out with your friends and family, exercise, get plenty of rest, enjoy the freezing temperatures, etc. Try and do things you enjoy during this crazy and stressful time. Remember that this isn't a sprint, but a marathon; don't let the job search consume your life. Finding the right balance is important.

3. Take it one day at a time. Reflect, assess, and learn from your past mistakes and what you can change moving forward to improve. However, at the same time don't forget what a great potential employee you can be for a company and remind yourself that they would be lucky to have you join the team. If MBAs weren't so expensive, you could get a job ANYWHERE.

4. Enjoy the interviews. Try and remember that the people you are talking to are just people! And their main interest (except for maybe banking and consulting) is to just have a conversation with you to get to know you better and determine if you would be a good fit. Are you the kind of person they would want to get stuck in an airport with? Just be yourself and try to get to know them!

5. Keep Perspective. You are at the best business school in the country; you WILL get a job in the end. There is also still plenty of time in the process, and remember that each year about half of the class lands their internships off campus. You are not alone, so don't' forget to take advantage of the network and resources around you who are more than willing to help.

With that, Buona Fortuna! Bonne Chance! Buena Suerte! Anyway you say it – Good Luck!!

Last Updated 2/11/13
Last Updated 2/11/13