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You really don’t have to go to every coffee chat and every meet-n-greet and every lunch-n-learn…

By Career Services and the Full-time MBA Program Office  |  october, 2012, Issue 3

In the late summer, Career Services and Full-time MBA Program Office representatives met with consultants and recruiters from many of the consulting firms that recruit from Booth. Our goal was to openly discuss the ever-increasing plethora of corporate events facilitated by these firms, ascertain their purpose, and then communicate that to students. We were delighted that the firms agreed with the Career Services and Full-time MBA Program Office's perspective: attending these events was not a "check the box" activity and students could indeed attend selectively and still be successful in the recruiting process.

The consultants and recruiters clearly indicated that students should not feel compelled to go to every single event the firms host, but that students should attend those events which provided the most insight and added the most value to their individual search. As such, the firms agreed that sign-in sheets were often not necessary – especially at events which were truly focused on educating, versus recruiting. Of course, if students RSVP that they'll attend an event, they are expected to be there and be fully engaged. The focus was truly on the individual decisions students should be making about each event and it was understood that students would choose different events depending on their specific interests.

On October 18, Julie Morton sent the following email to MCG first years. It was a first for Booth, a demonstration of the collaboration between a student group and several Booth offices, and a testament to the power of our community.

Greetings from the Consulting Corporate Community,

We are excited to meet you all! Booth is a top recruiting priority for us; we consistently source great talent from your school.

Throughout the fall and winter, you will embark on a journey to secure a summer position that best fits you. Starting October 22, we begin visiting campus to help you with this process and to share information about our firms and practice areas. We make these visits in the hopes of providing you valuable information to help you make informed choices about your career path. We recognize recruiting requires a significant time commitment and understand the process can be stressful. While we value the opportunity to meet you, please do not feel obligated to attend all of our events. Focus your time on your Booth academics, and we encourage you to participate in those recruiting events that will provide value to your summer search.


Representatives from:

A.T. Kearney




Booz & Company



Note: While not every firm which sources Booth talent attended this meeting and signed this message, this by no means implies they don't agree with the sentiments expressed below – they were simply not present.

Last Updated 10/28/12
Last Updated 10/28/12