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Corporate Chile

By Andres Imaz ‘13  |  october, 2012
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CMPC is a Chilean company with $5B revenues in forestry, wood, pulp, paper and tissue segments, and is one of the top five companies worldwide in the business. In an effort to consolidate the international expansion of the company, CMPC recruited MBA talent for the first time this year, a program they plan to continue annually. Chicago Booth is one of the only schools where they recruit. Mr. Eliodoro Matte, Chairman of the Board and former CEO of CMPC, graduated from Chicago Booth in 1972.

I interned at the Business Development Division as a Senior Consultant. The company was interested in reviewing its energy strategy and evaluating the potential for renewable energy. My background in agribusiness and energy made me a good fit for the position.

My internship started with a week of orientation to the company where we traveled all around Chile and visited different business divisions such as forests, wood sawmills, pulp and paper plants. In the tenth week I finished by giving a presentation to my team, the CFO and the CEO of the company. I received positive feedback and the CEO and CFO placed a lot of emphasis that they wanted my work to continue. Their response demonstrated that my work was very relevant for the company.

The most fascinating thing about my job was the variety of tasks: ranging from Excel models and PowerPoint presentations to directing meetings with suppliers, clients and potential partners. I enjoyed the freedom and the high-level responsibility. I touched base on a daily basis with my mentor, who was a Senior Executive with fast trajectory. It's hard to describe a "typical day at work" because of the variety of tasks I managed, but working hours were typically from 9am to 6pm, so the work-life balance was great. Also, working in Chile at the company's headquarters in downtown Santiago allowed me to explore the vast traditional restaurants during lunchtime.

CMPC has an outstanding working environment and a huge commitment with Corporate Social Responsibility. Excellence, professionalism, strong ethics and humility are trademarks of the company. All in all, I am very grateful for the great experience at CMPC and I'm glad I could give in return valuable work. Thank you Chicago Booth, thank you CMPC, thank you Chile.

Last Updated 10/8/12
Last Updated 10/8/12