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Don’t Take a Break from Recruiting

By Josh Larsen '13, Career Advisor  |  november, 2012, Issue 2
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Josh Larsen '13

After three months of classes, on top of a seemingly endless orientation, you finally have a chance to kick back and relax. And you should! Go on the ski trip, head home for the holidays, and have a great couple of weeks. But don't make the mistake to completely unplug. When it comes to recruiting, winter break is a time when a lot can be accomplished. Many great treks have already been lined up, and you should plan to take advantage of those when they meet the objectives of your targeted job search, but that shouldn't be all you do. You should also strategically plan other ways you will advance your job search during the break. I've listed a few ways you can do this.

Coffee Chats

If you are leaving Chicago over the break, this is a great opportunity to set up informational interviews in your hometown, or wherever you're headed for the break.   Build your network with alumni, or strengthen existing bonds with your personal network. You may be pleasantly surprised by who else is in their network that you have been trying to connect with for months.

Cover Letters

Many job applications are due within the next few weeks, as well as very shortly after you arrive back on campus in January. As much as we would all love for procrastination to be a desired job skill (don't be fooled by LinkedIn allowing it to be listed as a skill), quality generally deteriorates when we wait until the last minute. Schedule some time in the next few weeks and over break to work on your story for each firm, making sure that all of your cover letters are unique and relevant. Knowing this story will also help you when you begin to prepare for interviews.

Start Interview Prep

Your interview preparation should start well before wInterview in January. wInterview is a great place to polish your interview skills, not to make major adjustments to your interview style or story. Review the Career Services material for typical interview questions for your function, and start practicing.   At this point in the process, you need a considerable amount of feedback, so seek out people who will be honest and critical when necessary. Many families are quite honest and blunt with each other, so take advantage of this opportunity during the break.

Have Fun!

In January you will start another quarter of classes, and during this time you'll also need to juggle an interview schedule that for many will require some travel. So prepare for the busy quarter by taking some time to relax. Have a productive break, but balance it out with some relaxation to recharge your battery before you come back in January.

Have a great break everyone!

Last Updated 11/25/12
Last Updated 11/25/12