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June 04, 2012

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Follow Your Instincts, Pursue Your Passion, Get to Know Your Classmates

By: Renata Johns, ‘12  |  june, 2012

My most memorable moment of the MBA was walking onto stage during the curtain call during Follies last year.

Everything is going to be fine.

By: Candice Ogarro, '12  |  june, 2012

When I was asked to write a graduating note for the ChiBus I wondered what the editors were thinking. If you’ve ever met me, you know that it’s very hard for me to do anything less than to tell it like it is—so here you go.

Entrepreneurship Interests, Cureeo, Shaped Booth Experience

By: Maida Fortune, '12  |  june, 2012

I mostly didn’t go through recruiting in the traditional sense of the word because I was focused on Venture Capital and starting my business, Cureeo.

Why Getting an MBA was a Good Idea

By: Shang Chen, '12  |  june, 2012

My undergrad education did little to prepare me for a career in business. I wrote many papers while pumped up on red bull. I was sleepless in many of my classes. I emerged from consulting a jack of all trades and master of none.

20 Years Later: MBA Continues to be Professionally and Personally Rewarding

By: Dan Hoskins, '92  |  june, 2012

My MBA experience was immensely positive for me. I was a chemical engineer without much business experience when I came to the program. I learned so much on such a wide variety of subjects, and I gained a set of tools that enabled me to continue to learn when I went into management consulting.