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Two Perspectives on Admit Weekend

By Tyler Kearn '15 and Danielle Raniolo '15  |  february, 2014, Issue 2

Two Boothie's takes on Round 1 admit weekend. Have a fun admit weekend story? Share it with us!

Tyler Kearn '15

I knew from experience that a lot of people can squeeze into an MPP apartment, but seeing 30 people squeeze into the entryway and kitchen of one is still a sight to behold. I led a neighborhood and housing tour, taking a group of admits to three different buildings in the loop.

I never did count the number of people in my group, but it was large – we could not fit into one elevator. Every time we went up or down in a building, I wondered if I would lose half the group. But, we stuck together, and at each apartment all of us made it through the door.

The weather was ideal – constant heavy snow, as we walked from MPP to Coast to Tides. They even closed off the road getting to Coast so we had to take the long way around. The admits seemed to take it in stride, not a complaint among them.

The hosts all did an excellent job, talking positively about Booth and discussing why they chose to live where they did. Plus, several got creative with snacks and frosty beverages.

They say that the rate of students who attend admit weekends that enroll at Booth is over 80%, and I can see why. I was ready to really convince my group that Booth is the place to come and talk about everything that's great about our school. It turns out I did not need to. Every single person I spoke with had already decided they were coming to Booth. Now, the only question they needed to answer is: to live at MPP, or not to live at MPP? Hopefully, I helped them make that decision (how much do you like living in a construction zone?), and I look forward to meeting many of them again in the fall.

Danielle Raniolo '15

For me, admit weekend kicked off at Prost! – a delicious German restaurant in Lincoln Park. As a "dinner buddy," I mingled with Enrique Canton's squad of admits over frothy beer steins, oversized pretzels, and schnitzel (as the Sochi opening ceremonies aired on the TVs overhead). Afterward, the fun continued at State Restaurant & Café – a lively sports bar where we joined forces with our fellow classmates and admits. The admits got to cut loose and it was great to meet the first wave of future Boothies!

The next day, I was excited to participate in the Random Walk Fair in the winter garden. Dressed in outrageous sailor outfits, sunglasses, and boat shoes my fellow trip leaders and I had a blast reCREWting admits for the Croatia trip (which we named the Maiden Voyage since it's a first-time Random Walk destination). It was another great opportunity to engage with the admits, who we unabashedly peppered with excessive amounts of "I love Croatia" stickers. The Winter Garden was buzzing with energy and all of the trip leaders did a fantastic job of getting the admits excited about their trips. My favorite costume shout out goes to Mike "the safari man" Serviansky from the South Africa team.

Last Updated 2/24/14
Last Updated 2/24/14