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Second-Years Offer Top Tips for Mastering Interview Season

By ChiBus Staff  |  january, 2013, Issue 1

"You'll want to come off as natural in your interviews so stay relaxed during the prep process. An occasional drink or heading out with friends will help calm your nerves." -- Shawn Mann, Class of 2013

"First, be willing to experiment with your internship -- evaluate new opportunities before you turn yourself away ... And before your interview, make sure that you actually understand how the company thinks about things." -- Akshay Sharma, Class of 2013

"Turn the interview into a conversation. Practice, rehearse, but turn it into a conversation. You want the interviewer to ask you questions, so be engaging, otherwise people get bored." -- Luiz Ottavio Veiga Greca, Class of 2013

Last Updated 1/16/13
Last Updated 1/16/13