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March 10, 2014

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Booth Dominates the Booth/Kellogg Basketball Game

By: Lauren Anderson '15  |  march, 2014

Previously it was reported the Booth basketball team would dominate the Booth/Kellogg game like Kim Jong Un dominates North Korea. The Democratic People’s Republic of Booth is proud to confirm our predictions.

The QUESTION: Perspective for Second Year Job Seekers

By: Rishi Kumar ‘14  |  march, 2014

“No idea!” you answer with a polite laugh. Trust me - when answering the QUESTION, it’s important to add the polite laugh. Otherwise, the ensuing conversation is awkward. Well…more awkward. “I’m still figuring some things out,” you may add as they smile encouragingly. The next line is automatic though, regardless of whether it’s true - “I’ve got some interviews coming up though.” Frankly, you’ll say anything to inject hope into this conversation. It’s as much for you as it is for them. It’s the third time this week you’ve been asked the QUESTION. The QUESTION, of course, is “What are you doing after school?” No doubt about it- the QUESTION sucks.

Lies, Darn Lies and Statistics

By: David Ja '15 and Solomon Lee '15  |  march, 2014

We are the latter. Our aim is simple: We provide figures and numbers for you to create and debate your own stories.

Interview with Pine River Capital Management Partner Steve Kuhn

By: Son Nguyen '14  |  march, 2014

Forbes magazine once wrote: “When Steve Kuhn talks people should listen”. Recently ChiBus got a chance to sit down with Mr. Kuhn, head of fixed-income trading and lead portfolio manager at $13 Billion Pine River Capital Management (whose founder and CEO, Brian Taylor, is a Booth alumnus)

iBid: Points Inflation Can Occur (But is it?)

By: Tyler Kearn '15  |  march, 2014

During orientation, a few days before round one for first years closed, I asked a second year her bidding strategy. Her advice: look at the number of points the class went for last year, double it, and bid that amount. There’s been a lot of talk about inflation in iBid – it seems that each quarter classes cost significantly more points than they did the year before. Bid strategies like the one the second year recommended with me would seem to give credence to that talk. But, how could inflation exist in a system where the number of bid points that students have to spend is fixed from year-to-year?