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February 13, 2014

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Career Advisor: Reality Check

By: Tyler Kearn  |  february, 2014

I know: the last few weeks haven’t been easy. You weren’t built to withstand a polar vortex (but hey, neither are the Lincoln Park Zoo polar bears!) and the rigorous Booth coursework hasn’t helped. On top of it all, you have been stressed about something else: recruiting.

Hapless Admit Weekend squad leader first ever to achieve negative yield

By: Warren Yates  |  february, 2014

Chicago Booth played host to over 250 admitted students this past weekend, with one admit coming from as far as South Africa just to attend. Upon stepping out of O’Hare International Airport into the polar vortex Thursday afternoon, he promptly returned to the British Airways ticket counter to request a standby ticket on the next flight home. That was the first defector of Kale Franklin’s doomed squad.