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October 21, 2013

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Mike Ray of IBM Discusses Corporate Responsibility

By: Hiral Arges '15  |  october, 2013

When most of us think of IBM, sustainability and corporate responsibility are probably not the first words that come to mind. However, for those of us attending the Net Impact Conference on Oct. 11, IBM’s Mike Ray, Vice President, Business Integration and Strategy, Integrated Supply Chain, was there to convince us otherwise.

Anheuser-Busch President North America Outlines Keys to Success

By: Danielle Novy '14  |  october, 2013

Luiz Fernando Edmond, Anheuser-Busch InBev Zone President North America, delivered a presentation on campus Oct. 16 as part of the Kilts Center for Marketing Fall Premiere. He met with Chicago Business one-on-one afterward to share his best career advice, what he looks for when recruiting new managers and what he feels has been the key to A-B InBev’s success.

Booth Search Fund to Launch this Year

By: Michael McConnell '15  |  october, 2013

As one of the first established programs of its kind, Booth Search will provide graduating students with access to the capital, mentorship and resources necessary to acquire and grow small businesses and, in the process, generate returns for alumni investors.

MBAs for the Power of Good: The Net Impact Conference

By: Lauren Anderson '15  |  october, 2013

On Oct. 11 more than 100 Booth students gathered to hear about how they can make a social impact. The conference addressed many areas - impact investing, big data, environment and sustainability, healthcare, arts and culture, education and corporate social responsibility.

Booth Resilient in the Face of Changing Economic Landscape

By: Aaron Toomey '14  |  october, 2013

The demand for the Booth MBA and the skills it provides is higher than ever, despite a lull in a traditionally strong recruiting industry.

Aston Martin CEO Shares What Drives Him

By: Anadi Misra '14  |  october, 2013

Under Dr. Bez's leadership, Aston Martin grew its sales more than fivefold within thirteen years, returned to competitive motorsport, launched more than 20 new models and reclaimed its place as a maker of one of the most sought after luxury cars in the world.

Panera CMO on Strategy and Careers in Marketing

By: Megan Petitti '15  |  october, 2013

As part of the Kilts Center for Marketing’s Fall Premiere, Michael Simon, CMO of Panera Bread, was on hand Monday, Oct. 15 to talk to students about the company’s marketing strategy and business philosophy, promoting awareness of careers in marketing.

Booth Does It Again!

By: ChiBus Staff  |  october, 2013

The University of Chicago added two more names to its ever-growing list of Nobel Laureates on Oct. 14, bringing the total number of Nobel laureates associated with the University to 89.