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November 4, 2013

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Chicago Ideas Week 2013: Tech Summit and Key Takeaways

By: Mo Bhasin '15  |  november, 2013

Chicago Ideas Week wrapped up on Oct. 19 with a blockbuster Tech Summit. While much of the content was a bird’s-eye-view of the industry and its trends, there were a few memorable nuggets worth sharing.

Did the American Political System Cause the Financial Crisis?

By: Aaron Toomey '14  |  november, 2013

Booth’s Austan Goolsbee and Princeton’s Nolan McCarty debate the role of politics in the financial meltdown

Next Generation of Military Innovators Gather at Booth

By: Evan Johnson '14  |  november, 2013

Over Columbus Day Weekend a group of more than 100 military service members, veteran entrepreneurs and Booth Armed Forces Group (AFG) members gathered at the Harper Center and Gleacher Center for the first annual Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) to promote innovation in the military.

Captivate Booth: Finding new meaning with an 'MBA'

By: Danielle Novy '14  |  november, 2013

When 10 first-year Boothies shared their thoughts on “What the ‘MBA’ stands for,” the resulting speeches were as diverse as the range of directions students took the prompt.