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Top 9 Ways to Stand Out!

By Sean Newton '15  |  april, 2014, Issue 2

There are too many people at this school. It can be hard to stand out among the sea of privileged elites. To help you differentiate yourself this quarter, here are our Top 9 Ways to Get Noticed at Booth.

1. If you're from the US, sign all of your emails with the single word "Best" and then your name. This will give your readers the thrill of wondering whether you imitate everything 45-year-old middle managers do.

2. If you're not from the US, sign all of your emails with the single word "Cheers" and then your name. This will indicate to your readers that you respect the eternal power of the British Empire.

3. Participate in class! Start all comments with the phrase "I was just gonna say" and then say the thing you were just gonna say. The paradoxical use of the past tense will entrance your audience and validate whatever erudite thing you were just gonna say.

4. Go west of Woodlawn. Alternatively, learn the names to a few Hyde Park streets. Tell people you took a walk down one of those streets and that you didn't even find it all that scary, really.

5. Help other Boothies realize that you're the most involved person on campus and you love it! Start all Winter Garden conversations by sighing and assuring people that you're busy, but "it's a good kind of busy."

6. Everyone loves a rebel, so indiscriminately heart everything on GroupMe just for the heck of it.

7. Part your hair to one side using half a bottle of gel to let everyone know that you're comfortable taking the road less traveled.

8. Handshakes are surprisingly memorable. Before greeting your friends, slowly exhale into your cupped hands to get that warm, sweaty grip that people will be sure to remember.

9. Rephrase your favorite sayings to incorporate fun business words. Say "Zuckerberg" instead of "premature midlife crisis." Say "I do it all for the pre-2014 bitcoins" instead of "I'm greedy." Say "I really care about social impact" instead of "I'm a liar."

Last Updated 4/22/14
Last Updated 4/22/14