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By Svitlana and Tetiana Kholevan '15  |  april, 2014, Issue 2
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Svitlana And Tetiana Kholevan '15

We are very happy to study at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with students from different countries. We have never lived in such a multinational environment and now we understand that this is a very educational and enriching opportunity. We have learned about the backgrounds of people from different parts of our world—their culture, lives, traditions. This has allowed us to broaden our view and deepen our understanding of the world.

It is so interesting to become acquainted with new people from different countries! However, there is a difficulty. People of the same nationality look so similar that we can easily mix people up. Sometimes we call a person by another person's name or talk about a thing we discussed with another person. It is so confusing!

Now we totally understand the difficulties people encounter when talking to us! To help minimize the confusion people feel when they meet us and can't tell us apart, we try to go to different events, talk to different people, and take different classes. We also try to avoid wearing each other's clothes and name tags (but it's easy to mix them up). However, even in this way we cannot totally avoid confusing situations! For example, sometimes one sister gets acquainted with someone who doesn't know about the other sister, and it is very confusing when this person sees us together. It is also very confusing when one sister talks to someone about a class, event, etc. and the next day this person wants to follow up on this topic but talks to the wrong sister. Of course, sometimes it's the same sister, but she pretends not to remember the conversation. Just kidding!

We've learned so many new names since we began studying at Booth! And we still have so many to learn and not forget! Now we understand how difficult to remember our names are. Throughout our lives we've thought that our names are very easy, but when we saw how people struggle to pronounce and remember them, we understand that our names are not so easy. We noticed that some foreign students go by American names to simplify things for their classmates. Maybe we should go by our nicknames Sveta (Tetiana's nickname) and Tanya (Svitlana's nickname) to make it easier?

At various events our classmates wear similar black suits, cohort t-shirts and togas. They have to do this all the time for recruiting events, conferences and cohort competitions. This practice needs to stop. When everybody is dressed the same, it becomes even harder to tell people apart. Boothies should try to avoid looking alike. It's just confusing!

Last Updated 4/22/14
Last Updated 4/22/14