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Smells Like BS

By Reid Tileston  |  april, 2014, Issue 2
BS Competition

From left to right a mix of competition judges, hosts, and organizers Michael Schoenfeld, Linnea Meyer, Tolu Oyekan, Felisha Liu, and Moran Bargat.


The second years of the Public Speaking and Communication Group (PSCG) started a tradition that they hope will go on for many years to come; the 1st Annual BS competition held last Tuesday at Howell & Hood. 15 teams (5 ultra-brave individuals and 10 two person teams) competed for the crown of the master Booth BSer, "we were expecting 50 to 75 people and over 350 showed up" according to PSCG co-chair Felisha Liu, "the initial bar tab of $1,100 was reached before the presenters began" with the final bar tab being $2,996.

The event featured contestants pitching a real yet obscure product such as a girlfriend pillow, a potty putter, and emergency underwear. The contestants had no idea beforehand what product they would be pitching, they found out the same time as the audience. The contestants were shown an intro slide with the product followed by animated and highly humorous slides about business issues such as marketing, customer segments, competitors, and financial projections. Presentations lasted 4 minutes for individuals and 5 minutes for teams.

The winners of the team competition were first year Booth power couple Jessica Neufeld and Mike Brewer. When asked how it felt doing the event with her significant other Jessica said, "We worked together for 4 years on consulting projects where there was a lot of BS floating around... so (it felt) pretty natural" while Mike noted, "Jess has the frightening power to read my mind, which actually came in handy to keep us in sync throughout our presentation."

Second year Nicholas Robinson took home the crown on the individual side. How did he prepare you may be wondering, "I practiced by BSing friends and family. I tried to see how long I could make my parents think I was being kicked out of Booth for sleeping with one of my professors. My mom immediately called Bull-S*&t, but my grandmother bought it and was visibly disturbed by the whole ordeal. That's when I knew I was ready." If you are unsure about doing it next year here is what Nicholas has to say, "Just Do It! It's unsettling being up there at first but after the first 30 seconds or so, the liquid courage kicks in and it's easy sailing from there. We're all going to be in this sort of situation at some point in our careers - You don't get a lot of opportunities to be in the hot seat with no repercussions if/WHEN you fail." Judging by his performance at the competition I do not see a lot of failure in his future. I hope to see you all at next year's event.

Last Updated 4/21/14
Last Updated 4/21/14