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Booth Unveils Booth 455; Students Flock to New Study Rooms

By Reid Tileston ‘15  |  april, 2014, Issue 1
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Deans Sunil Kumar and Robert Gernter make Booth 455 official at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Business school is a competitive place - between searching for a job, applying to be a random walk leader, interviewing to be a lead facil, jockeying for co-chair positions, and waiting in line to buy tickets to the Running of the Bulls; all of it can be overwhelming. Getting access to study rooms at Gleacher during peak times is the competition of competitions, the losses pile up and the wins are few and far between. My own personal record is below .500. Luckily, the administration has our back. As was announced in September, the school is leasing 16,000 square feet on the ground level of the NBC Tower - a space that was previously occupied by Amira Mediterranean Cuisine. After a few months of permitting and construction, the space is now open and ready for student consumption. Chicago Booth's new downtown facility is located at NBC Tower, 455 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, right across from Gleacher. The newly rented space features 16 study rooms, 2 classrooms, and ample open study space. Prior to the opening of the center, Gleacher had only 13 group study rooms, now there will be 29, a 123% increase for those who are counting.

The programs "have expanded to the point that we have now outgrown Gleacher," said Dean Kumar in a statement. "More students in our full-time program in Hyde Park now live downtown near Gleacher Center, so the additional group study rooms will give students more options when they need to stay closer to home," said Kumar.

The study rooms have the same base amenities that you would find in Harper or Gleacher; all are equipped with TV screens with laptop hookups. In a marked improvement, the desks feature built-in plugs so there is no worry about tripping over your buddy's laptop chord. In addition, the study rooms do not have blinds, allowing for a more open ambiance.

Study rooms can be reserved through the portal. Full-time students can only book one day in advance while part-time, evening, and weekend students can book a week in advance. The study rooms have been available since Spring Break, and front desk attendant Biafrim Stiff noted that the center "has been busier than he expected." He has been surprised by the number of students that bring their "families including their grandmothers" by to show off the new space. While the center is functioning, there are still minor issues to deal with. According to Stiff the biggest complaint received so far is the lack of a microwave, "people need a place to warm their coffee" he says.

With Booth rising in the rankings and experiencing robust growth, only time will tell what additional expansion plans and new amenities lie in the future. In the meantime, next time you need a place to study, be sure to check out Booth's newest digs at NBC Tower.


Last Updated 4/9/14
Last Updated 4/9/14