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November 18, 2013

Looking to Make a Difference? Join Chicago Business!

By ChiBus staff  |  november, 2013, Issue 2

Chicago Business has opened the application process for the 2014 editorial board. First-year students are encouraged to apply - no journalism experience is necessary!

The application deadline is Monday, November 18 (midnight). Position descriptions can be found below:


The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the quality and tone of the newspaper. Responsibilities include organizing content planning meetings, working with the other editors to generate articles, managing the contributions to the "Perspectives" section, serving as the final editor for all content, defining the layout and posting/editing articles online. Time commitment: 5-8 hours per week.

News Editor 

The News Editor is responsible for soliciting, writing and reviewing the News Section of the paper. News topics often include, but aren't limited to: events, recruiting, conferences and Booth sports. The News Editor position is a great way to keep up with the goings on around campus and keep your fellow Boothies informed on the most important and exciting issues. Time commitment: 3-5 hours per week

People Editor

The People Editor manages content around Booth students and faculty members. This section often includes about three articles per issue, several photos and a Man on the Street feature. Time commitment: 5 hours per week

Lifestyle Editor

From wining and dining to books and athletics, the world is your oyster! The Lifestyle Editor takes a sneak peek into the buoyant side of affairs at Booth. Past articles have run the gamut from restaurant reviews by Booth students to the conquests of a resident Ironman veteran. Responsibilities include hearing from some of the most fascinating people at Booth through interviews, articles etc. and editing the content before it goes to print. Time commitment: 1.5 hours per week

Marketing This role is responsible for the logistics, marketing and promotion of the newspaper. Responsibilities include:

• Managing ChiBus' Facebook page and twitter account, and posting articles 2-3 times a day whenever a new edition comes out

• Using Google Analytics (for the ChiBus website) and Facebook Insights (for the FB page) to understand readership trends and report to the group (once a month)

• Communicating with advertisers regarding ad placement

• Collaborating with other student groups

• Brainstorming ways to increase readership

• Ensuring papers are adequately distributed throughout various locations.

The main question you will be tackling is similar to that of newspapers such as The New York Times: how do we make the newspaper relevant in this increasingly digital world for a highly sophisticated readership base? There will be a lot of room to run with your ideas and this is a great leadership role for someone to not only come up with solutions but also implement them. Time commitment: 1.5 - 2 hours per week

Last Updated 11/13/13
Last Updated 11/13/13