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China’s Futures Market is Growing Rapidly – and Booth Students are Keeping Up

By Daniel Li, Evening MBA  |  may, 2013, Issue 2
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Dou Wen, the co-chair of the CBEG, presents at the futures industry forum.


On May 11 the Chicago Booth Economy Group (CBEG) hosted executives from China's futures industry at the Gleacher Center for a forum. With the support of industry leaders, including the Director of the China Futures Association, Wang Chunqing, the event was designed to improve the international perspective and professional competence of attendees.

Forty-six futures company executives from China attended the event. With the rapid development of China's futures market and the acceleration of the pace of development, this industry has an increasingly urgent demand for high-quality talent who have an international background. Booth School of Business, the China Futures Association, CME Group, CBOE and other entities are cooperating to hold advanced training classes at the Gleacher Center. The hope is that this training, coupled with the forum this month and in conjunction with Booth's Finance and Management foundation courses, will prepare students to be business leaders in China's expanding futures market.

Executives and students conducted in-depth exchanges on the development of China's futures industry demand for talent, market opening and other issues. The students were also given guidance on employment. After the forum, executives dined with the students, allowing for a more in-depth exchange of views.

Forum attendees included: Wang Chunqing (Head of License and Certification Department, China Futures Association), Wang HuaDong (General Manager of Hongyuan Futures, Head of Beijing Futures Association), Yu Guohua (General Manager of Shanghai Zheshi Futures), Zhu Linjing (Vice General Manager of Shanghai CIFCO Futures), Guan Bin (Vice General Manager of Huaxi Futures) and Yang Qing (Vice General Manager of China Galaxy Futures).

The China Futures Association, established on December 29, 2000, is a national self-regulatory organization of the futures industry, based on the "Registration of Social Organizations" as a non-profit group. The registration and permanent location of the association is located in Beijing.

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