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TechVision Sees the Future

By Jayanth Srinivasan '14  |  april, 2013, Issue 2
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Chicago Booth's technology sector-oriented student group, BoothTech, hosted its annual conference, TechVision, on April 12 at the Gleacher Center. TechVision 2013 featured speakers from industry and government, as well as academia, in its quest to provide attendees a broad-based flavor of trends in the technology world and topics at the intersection of technology and other fields, including the social sciences, policy-formulation and law.

The conference featured three distinct sessions and two fireside conversations, in addition to three keynote presentations at different points of the day. Dan Eckert, Director and Chief Technology Officer at PwC, kicked off proceedings with an opening keynote detailing the extraordinary pace of advances in mobile computing devices.

Mr. Eckert's discussion of the impact of mobile computing on a variety of fields set the stage for the first session on "Evolution of Computing." Discussions in the first session approached computing advances from a technological perspective, before panelists analyzed their commercial ramifications in the second session titled "Evolution of Technology Businesses."

Brett Goldstein, Chief Information Officer for the city of Chicago, enthralled the lunch-time audience with a real-time update on analytical and computing advances being leveraged by the city in reshaping the process of delivery of various services to Chicagoland residents.

"Cutting-edge" talks by Associate Professor of Organizations and Strategy Elizabeth Pontikes on how to analyze the technology marketplace, and by doctoral student at the University of Chicago Juliana Schroeder on various aspects of technology's impact on social interactions preceded the final session on "Evolution of Business Decision Making." This panel discussion featured industry practitioners examining various aspects of change in the workplace wrought by technological change.

Paul and Theo Leffmann Professor of Commercial Law Randall Picker closed the conference with a fascinating presentation on the challenges posed to existing laws by businesses harnessing new technologies to deliver new products at lower price points to consumers, albeit in a manner that exposes loopholes in legislation. The post-lunch session also featured presentations by the winners of the Samsung Case Competition, organized in the lead-up to TechVision.

Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship Scott Meadow, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship Gregory Bunch, and Joseph T. and Bernice S. Lewis Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing Pradeep Chintagunta moderated the three panels.

BoothTech has begun preparations for TechVision "2014," tentatively scheduled for November, 2013. Members of the Booth community interested in shaping the conference are most welcome in putting together the event, with the objective of making it Chicagoland's pre-eminent technology networking event for business professionals entering the technology space.

Last Updated 4/29/13
Last Updated 4/29/13