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November 26, 2012

Walker Sweeps at the 2012 Golden Gargoyles

By Hakeem Yusuff ‘13  |  november, 2012, Issue 2
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Photo credit David Kelley '13

This year's Golden Gargoyles Awards took place at Park West, Chicago on Saturday November 17th 2012. Organized by Chicago Booth's Leadership Development Office, this year's ceremony was hosted by Joanna Frazier, '13; Gene Rapoport, '13; and the collective band of 2012 LEAD facilitators. The theme of the event was Las Vegas and there were a lot of sequined dresses, celebrity impersonators, and glamor at the event. Also present to help set the night off to a great start was the band "The Guitarbitrage."

Viewed by some as an event to cap off the Booth orientation process, this year's Golden Gargoyles lived up to its bill as it packed a punch on the creativity meter. By the end of the evening, the Viewers' Choice Award was captured by Walker Cohort. The other two nominees for the award were Nobels and Bond. Walker also captured Best Picture/Film Award for its parody of the originally British, and now, NBC's acclaimed TV series, The Office. Walker Cohort won three awards at the event to be the claim this year's bragging rights.

Some of the other awards for the evening included: Best New Product: Bond Cohort; Best LEAD Spoof: Phoenix Cohort; Best Supporting Actor: Maroons Cohort; Best Staff Cameo: Rockefeller Cohort for portraying Professor Meadow as a class bid-point centric professor; Best Original Screenplay: Stuart Cohort; Best Musical: Gargoyles Cohort; Best Leading Role: Nobels Cohort; Best WTF Moment: Harper Cohort; Best Picture/Film: Walker Cohort; Best TV Parody: Walker Cohort; Best Movie Parody: Bond Cohort; and Viewer's Choice Award: Walker Cohort

The voting for the awards this year was particularly challenging because of the level of creativity employed by the cohorts in their Golden Gargoyle film submissions. The following are brief descriptions of the works submitted by each cohort. Bond submitted a parody of the Oscar winning film, The Godfather, which they entitled the Boothfather. Davis Cohort took a comedic approach in its submission covering the ever popular B-School freshman syndrome "Fear of Missing Out" (FOMO) in which a member of the cohort claimed to have a cure for the psychological ailment.

For its part, Gargoyles Cohort submitted a musical entitled "The Little Mer-Boothie" which is a parody of the acclaimed 1989 Walt Disney production The Little Mermaid. Ariel in this funny musical (Ying Liu, '14), was caught fantasizing about life in a multitude of job functions after MBA. Even Mad Men's Don Draper gets a shout out from this Ariel. On the other hand, Harper Cohort went for a parody of the Fox Television's chart bursting and award winning sensation, Glee. Harper's submission was entitled "A Glee-Cher Medley." It only made sense that LMFAO and Gangnam Style made an appearance in this hilarious medley.

Maroon cohort took a stab at the New Venture Challenge by submitting a funny story about three teams competing in a competition they dubbed: "NVC Autumn 2012: The Minor Leagues of Ventures." And Nobels Cohort told a rather creative story about the life of an interesting protégé who happens to be the brainchild of Deans Kole and Kumar.

Other submissions included "Hangge-Over" which was a parody of the Golden Globe Award winning 2009 movie, Hang-Over, and submitted by Phoenix Cohort. Rockefeller Cohort submitted "I Still Know What You Did Last Night..." which featured Professor Scott Meadow as a staff cameo who takes matters into his own hands to ensure the fallouts from TNDC did not impact bid point averages for his Friday morning classes.

Stuart and Walker cohorts wrap up the list with Stuart submitting what it calls, "Adult Supervision." A notable staff cameo appearance is the talented and supportive Christine Gramhofer. The critically acclaimed NBC's TV series, The Office, was Walker Cohort's parody target. Walker's successful mockumentary which stared Alex Bezdek and his fellow cohort members was produced by the cohort film chairs Evelyn Robbrecht, Laura Burgos, Rishi Kumar, and Josh McConnell.

In the end, this year's Golden Gargoyles Award was slightly dominated by Walker Cohort with its three awards. A total of twelve awards were handed out during the course of the evening. The event was well attended and other notable staff cameos in this year's Golden Gargoyles included Deans Sunil Kumar, and Stacey Kole. 

Last Updated 11/27/12
Last Updated 11/27/12