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Corporate Finance as a Strategic Role

By Mimi Jiang ‘13  |  november, 2012, Issue 1
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Photo by Nicolay Kuzmin '13

At the Corporate Finance symposium, students had an opportunity to learn more about finance roles in a company. The event included dinner with company representatives, presentations from top management and a networking session with recruiters. In addition to the thirty-five student conference attendees, there were representatives from P&G, Exxon Mobil, Prudential, Citigroup, Microsoft, and Target. These companies all helped sponsor the event.

One of the key themes that came up was that the role of finance at these companies is not a reporting role but a strategic role. Finance is a great place to launch a career at many of these companies as the finance role gets a seat at the table for every important decision, there is exposure to every aspect of the business, and there is opportunity for interaction with several senior leaders.

Representatives advised students not to sweat the small stuff, because working hard and smart consistently will help you and your company to achieve. Attendees really enjoyed learning about the various opportunities within finance at each of the companies. They also enjoyed hearing about some of the current projects the guest speakers are working on.

The event was organized by the Corporate Finance Group and held at the University Club on November 7.

Last Updated 11/27/12
Last Updated 11/27/12