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May 24, 2012

CFOs speak candidly with Booth students at CFO Roundtables

By Elizabeth Oates, '13  |  may, 2012

Booth students had an opportunity to speak candidly with CFOs last week through the CFO Roundtable program organized by the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development and Career Services. A total of 9 CFOs visited the campus over a period of two days, meeting with small groups of about 15 students each. Here is what students had to say about these events: 

"I went to the roundtable with Ray Young, CFO of Archer Daniels Midland, and former CFO of GM. Ray demonstrated to us that there is no secret formula for achieving top positions in companies. He stated the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and recommended play to your strengths. He said to work quant skills, as more is better, but what will get you to top positions are the soft skills, managing people. His "secret formula", the 3 L's: Listen, Learn and Lead. I really enjoyed his humbleness while talking to us." - Andres Imaz, '13

"It was exhiliarating to hear Mr. Loughridge reflect on the IBM turnaround of the 1990's.  Mr. Loughridge's story, which was an intimate account that consisted in equal parts biography, drama, and life-lesson, is not one I'll soon forget." – Jonas Nwuke '12

"An eloquent orator, Judy Brown, of Perrigo Company, was extremely candid and encouraged discussions during the roundtable. The key takeaways from the session were that you should always encourage debate, be humble and admit what you do not know, do things that make you happy, experiment, and as an accountant always believes – choose substance over form (Judy is a CPA!). The discussion was informative and got us thinking about our choices in life." – Sanjhi Agrawal '13.

"At my Roundtable, Thomas Nardi, EVP and CFO of Navigant Consulting, shared his thoughts about how leaders can have impact.  He stressed the importance of learning how to manage up, down and sideways and he recommended that we be prepared to take risks at certain points in our careers."Lindsay Giedraitis, '13

"The panel with Murray Goldberg, Chief Financial Officer of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc was incredible. He provided us with candid insight into the unexpected twists that he had to overcome in reaching this point in his career and advice on how to navigate through them. It was also helpful to hear Murray's perspective on biotech industry trends - he did a fantastic job of fielding questions from students working in biotech, aspiring entrepreneurs, industry analysts, as well as, healthcare consultants (tough crowd!). These panels are a great way to not only meet and learn from accomplished Alumni, but also a great place to meet like-minded students from both the Full-Time and Part-Time programs" – Nissa Mohomed '12

"Richard Westenberger, Executive Vice President and CFO of Carter’s Inc, was extremely candid while talking about his past experiences and sharing his story. He emphasized that getting a breadth of experience across functions and building your network, were crucial to rising to a C-level position. I found the conversation very insightful and look forward to attending more of these!" – Roopa Venkateswaran '13

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