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March 10, 2014

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A Diet Demanding Neither Time nor Money

By: Warren Yates '15  |  march, 2014

A lot of people ask me what I eat. I assume they take notice of my radiant skin and rippling muscles and aspire to improve themselves, and I respect that. Another possibility is that they take notice of my thinning hair and indomitable flatulence and inquire out of concern and sheer medical curiosity, the way a doctor or veterinarian might. I respect that too.

Love and Pastry: a Sweet Exploration of Chicago’s Best Doughnuts

By: Tanya Fraser '15  |  march, 2014

Move over box o’ chocolates, this year’s award for most romantic display of foodie affection features the humble doughnut. Long overshadowed by the cupcake, its fashionable confectionary rival, the doughnut was overdue for a comeback. Chicago is riding a doughnut boom, boasting the opening of five Downtown gourmet shops in just the last few years. Booth’s Epicurean Club observed the trend kicking off the school year with treats from Firecakes, enticing passersby with butterscotch praline and goat cheese iced banana black walnut bites.

Last Updated 6/19/12
Last Updated 6/19/12