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October 21, 2013

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The Force of “Gravity”

By: Tyler Kearn '15  |  october, 2013

Most people chose to do their Audience Captivation Training (ACT) speeches on important topics such as the 24 news cycle, human obsolescence and telehealth. I did mine on 3D movies. Little did I know when I started that a movie was about to come out that would change the genre.

Annual Diwali Cruise: Extravaganza atop the Mystic Blue

By: Divyanka Pillai '14  |  october, 2013

Exquisite finery, nimble feet, a sumptuous spread and breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline marked the South Asia Business Group’s (SABG) annual Diwali cruise on Oct. 18.

Last Updated 6/19/12
Last Updated 6/19/12