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December 2, 2013

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Booth Partners Club: Paying it Forward

By: Gargi Gupte  |  december, 2013

Gargi Gupte, co-chair of the Booth Partners Club, shares her perspective on how the club enables partners to cope with the rigors of business school and make the Chicago experience an enjoyable one.

Booth Rugby Team Shows Well in MBA Championships at Stanford

By: Craig Gridelli '14  |  december, 2013

The Chicago Booth Rugby Football Club completed a very successful season by finishing in fourth place at the fall's major MBA tournament, held at Stanford on Nov. 2 and 3.

Booth Soccer ‘Warriors’ Compete in UCLA Anderson Soccer Cup

By: Wei Hao Cho '14  |  december, 2013

Over the weekend of Nov. 16, 32 of your classmates represented Booth to compete in the 12th Annual UCLA Anderson Soccer Cup.

Booth Coed Flag Football Captures Intramural Championship

By: Jared Barnett '15  |  december, 2013

After an exciting season, the Booth team won the University of Chicago Coed Flag Football Intramural Championship.

Neighborhoods of Chicago: West Garfield Park

By: Lauren Anderson '15  |  december, 2013

Booth’s Giving Something Back club, led by Katie Arnold ‘14, organized a Thanksgiving Eve volunteer event.

Black Friday Hype: A Conversation with Marketing Professor Pradeep Chintagunta

By: Jackie Klein '15  |  december, 2013

Black Friday, the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, has long been synonymous with “door-busting” deals, frenzied shoppers and crazy crowds. But, are those Black Friday deals actually so-called “loss leaders” – items sold at a loss to drive other high-margin items?

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Last Updated 6/19/12