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February 13, 2014

Love Advice from Wikihow, France, and Wisconsin

By Lauren Anderson  |  february, 2014, Issue 1
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Valentine's Day is here. So a significant other may be on our mind or in some cases how to obtain or avoid one. Everyone and their mother is on a dating app or website these days so I wanted to investigate other ways to obtain a girlfriend or boyfriend. Historically Wikihow has walked me through fixing sinks, ovens, and chairs with pictures so I felt they would be a reliable source in this area as well. Wikihow walked me through how to get a girlfriend in 10 quick and easy steps and a boyfriend in only 6 quick and easy steps!

How to get a girlfriend
In order to assess the validity of Wikihow's advice, I went to a connoisseur of love, Frenchman CHM.

Would you agree or disagree with each piece of their advice?

1. Be comfortable alone. Agree. And more than anything, Enjoy it...because once you have a girlfriend, you will miss it...

2. Help someone. Do not see how this relate to the subject (unless it is about helping the puppy you borrowed to your friend just to be able to easily approach girls in a park...).

3. Approach tons of girls on a consistent basis... Do not agree. If you only want to score for a one night stand, that is definitely a way to do it. But to find a real girlfriend, I am not sure that making the trade off between quantity vs quality is what should be done.

4. Avoid being afraid to fail... Agree. "I have a friend who knows someone" who scored only after having failed 4 times with the same girl.

5. Avoid giving yourself time to make excuses. Do not understand the statement...

6. Keep having fun. Agree. Flirting is just one of the best moment in a relationship.

7. Be yourself to the extreme. Do not agree. I would replace this extreme statement only by a softer, more famous one: "manage expectations".

8. Network. There must have been a mistake here...I think this was step 8 of "how to recruit for a summer internship".

9. Take care of your physical appearance. Agree. Very important at all stage!

10. Practice genuinely complimenting girls. Agree, but avoid cliche, otherwise, you'll look as a romantic loser....

How to get a boyfriend
I am tackling this one, although I don't have the genetic advantage that CHM has of being French, I do have a slightly different perspective from Wisconsin.

1. Make him his best self. Agree. Yeah since the relationship will revolve around him, you better make sure he's happy with who you make him or else he will make your life miserable.

2. Allow yourself to be your best self. Hmm how am I supposed to know my best self unless a man defines that for me? So maybe this comes post-relationship.

3. Lead by example to help him improve. Agree. Once again, according to Wikihow which may or may not be an indication of society's attitude toward a topic, it's all about him. You must help him improve and the way to do that, I've learned from potty training my rabbit, is by showing not telling. When Scrumpy went to the bathroom he was put back in his toilet box along with his waste. Then repeat, no scolding necessary. Your potential boyfriend will see you picking up the check at restaurants and take note to start doing the same.

4. Show your independence. Very important. Everyone takes advantage of something that's always there. Like a like a dish towel when you have steaming, sticky oatmeal stuck on your arm. Where did it go, that thing is so useful. Have a life of your own. If you're always there for his beckoning call, you'll never be appreciated. The only non-satirical thing I'll say here: one person cannot be everything, that's a lot of pressure, so have solid friendships and things outside the relationship you find identity and pride in.

5. Encourage his independence. Agree. Remember his happiness is key to yours. And it's so cool to be that "independent couple" too. All your friends will speak so highly of you.

6. Be yourself. Agree. What is does being yourself even mean. For most, it's probably who you've always been pressured to be by Barbie or your first teenage boyfriend.


Last Updated 10/4/14
Last Updated 10/4/14