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February 13, 2014

Hack That Chinese New Year

By Joanna Wung  |  february, 2014, Issue 1

Never do a Chinese New Year wrong again!

On the day of Chinese New Year


-Wear RED! How many Chinese friends does it take to remind you that RED is the must wear color on Chinese New Year? Red symbolizes good luck and is said to scare away mean spirits. Plus, wearing red underwear is the only way you're going to win that mahjong tournament that your Chinese friend invited you to. (You know they all invited you so that they can win money from you.)

-Wear new clothes – Wearing new clothes means bringing a new perspective to the upcoming year. New clothes can also ward off evil spirits. You definitely do not want any of those this year.

-Ask for red envelopes – Well, not from strangers. Only from your parents and/or elder relatives. It really only works when you were still kids and not making any money. Oh wait, one of that criteria is satisfied.


-Clean – Yeah, you heard me. No picking up that broom, cleaning that cluttered desk or taking trash out. You'll clean out your wealth and good luck!

-Sleep in late or take naps during the day – if you do this, it means you'll be a lazy bum for the rest of the year. Nobody wants that.

-Say any "bad" words – Keep your mouth clean for one day. Just do it. None of those failure, poverty, scarcity, death, violence, killing, losing, beating words... you get the idea.

Last Updated 2/11/14
Last Updated 2/11/14