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Booth Spring Ski Trip – Fun in the Sun (and Snow)

By Tyler Kearn '15  |  april, 2014, Issue 2
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Boothies hitting the slopes.

I got off the shuttle bus in Park City, Utah. The high for the next day was 67, and I was breaking a sweat in my heavy jacket as I lugged my ski boots and the rest of my luggage into the hotel lobby. The shuttle driver asked why were in town, as if all the ski equipment wasn't a dead giveaway. When I told him we were there to ski, he looked back at us confused: "You do know it's mid-April?"

I was in Park City for the Booth Ski and Snowboard Club's spring ski trip. Yes, there is a spring ski trip. And, yes, it was a ton of fun.

Unlike the winter ski trip, which features hundreds of Boothies taking over a poor, unsuspecting ski town, the spring ski trip is much smaller and slightly more subdued. Bar crawls and long après-ski events replace huge parties with well-known artists (such as White Panda and Coolio the last two years), and just a few hours of skiing needs to suffice. The trip this year had 22 Boothies, reportedly half the number from last year (possibly due to the dates conflicting with the Emerging Markets Summit), but still plenty to make a party wherever we wanted.

Due to the warm temperatures, the surprise of the shuttle driver, the lack of snow on the ground, and the date on the calendar, I was worried that there would be nothing to ski – maybe only a few last patches on a meager hill. Instead, almost the whole mountain was open, and for spring conditions the skiing was very good. You just have to hit the slopes in the 2-4 hours after the snow has softened up but before it becomes too slushy. I actually found that skiing for only a few hours is more relaxing – you don't feel completely exhausted at the end of the day, and it gives you more time to spend in the hot tub or take advantage of the sales stores hold to liquidate their excess winter gear.

Unfortunately, I feel like there were many out there who were unaware that the spring ski trip was happening. Let me do my best right now to correct this for next year. If you like to ski, snowboard, party, hang out with cool people, or just want to take another vacation a mere two weeks after spring break, look out for the ski trip towards the end of the second quarter. It's a pretty good deal (the flight cost more than the package), it's relaxing (after all, you're only skiing for a couple of hours), and best of all it's another chance to bond with Boothies (whether you know everyone before the trip or not, you certainly will afterwards).

ski trip

Booth first years on top of Park City mountain

Last Updated 4/21/14
Last Updated 4/21/14