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Gentleman of Booth reflect on Women's fashion

By Kristin Cho ‘15  |  april, 2014, Issue 2
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1. Sheath work dress 2. Pencil skirt 3. Oversized slouchy sweater 4. Patent leather pumps 5. Peplum dress 6. Patent leather flats

Gals are excited to pack away their dull down jackets and reload their closets with fresh spring colors now that the weather finally turning benevolent here in Chicago. When considering the upcoming inevitable retail season that is to ensue, I thought it would be amusing, and entertaining to get the other genders' perspective. The gentleman of Booth didn't disappoint, here is what they had to say.

1. Dress/Skirt suit 1-0 Pant suit
"No argument about that"

2. Yoga Tights
" Love it, I am generally attracted to women in workout clothes."

3. Tattoo
" Yes!! - it shows that you don't live your life worrying about what you are going to regret when you are older."

4. Leggings
" Wearing on legs does not make pants."

5. Peplums
"What is that?"

6. Fake nails
"No Fake Nuthin!"
"Agree: girls shouldn't be fake, just try to be naturally beautiful (is that so hard?)"

7. Oversized slouchy off-shoulder sweater
"Dislike, they seem a bit sloppy. I prefer a more kempt appearance."
"I disagree, I prefer looser fitting clothes in general because girls look comfortable in them and it is attractive when people look comfortable. Also, I think shoulders are intriguing, so I would like to see more of them."

8. Heels
"I think it is really cool when women can walk elegantly in heels, but I get scared when women look like they are walking on an ice rink."

9. Flats
"Approve, practical."

10. Red Lipstick
"It is a bit conspicuous during the day. But that might be the point."
"Do it only if you look like Uma Thurman."

Kristin is a first year at Booth and one of the co-chairs of Retail, Apparel and Luxury group.

Last Updated 4/22/14
Last Updated 4/22/14