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Becoming Better is a Team Sport

By Bhavik Trivedi '15  |  april, 2014, Issue 1
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We're all 90s kids here so I'll just come out and say it – I first heard about this concept on a Full House episode. It was another one of Bob Saget's pearls of wisdom. He was telling Stephanie (the middle child) how it only took 30 days to set a new habit. Well, since then a lot of other people have said the same thing. I think some of them had science-y degrees. There were a few TED talks on it too. Well, with the start of 2014, a gentleman named Ryan Mattison (know him? Shy? Not very involved?) gathered a group of us together for a great purpose – to set a new resolution every month. We creatively called it the Resolution of the Month Club. I think Oprah would be proud of that name. We've, um, had mixed results.

In our defense, we start every month with the best of intentions! Resolutions have ranged from getting into the gym more often and practicing moderation (ahem) to calling the 'rents more often and improving flexibility (literally). I should probably also mention some people have been better at keeping their resolutions than others. I am not one of those people. But, through all this, we've learned a few lessons I'd like to humbly share with you all.

Use Friends! We're social creatures. We share everything and we enjoy doing it! So then why do most people set goals for themselves in a dark room in the middle of the night? Doing this with a group does more than just provide support—it creates accountability. And if you meet your goals, there's no better feeling than sharing it with your friends!

Create Pressure. If your goals have a tangible outcome or you have a specific reason to set them, create pressure and put it outside of your control. Maybe your goal is to get into better shape. Put a beach trip on the calendar! Or maybe you want to cut back on unhealthy eating? Schedule a physical! Trying to cut back on late nights? Schedule classes or meetings for early in the morning.

Reward Yourself! Did you meet your goals? Great! Celebrate! It's a big deal so make sure you pat yourself on the back! What if you didn't meet your goals? Well, that still deserves recognition! You tried. And maybe you didn't rock it this month, but you might next month!

It's a new quarter and that's the perfect time to start working on a better you! But we already think you're pretty awesome. So you've already got that going for you! Whether you make resolutions when the calendar flips over or you just wake up one day and want to "do better," resolutions, in some fashion, are a part of everyone's lives! Good luck!

Last Updated 4/9/14
Last Updated 4/9/14