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A (Random) Walk on the Wild Side

By Divyanka Pillai '14  |  october, 2013, Issue 1
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Hiking through the mountains in Fiji
(L-R, starting with the back row): Luca Pizzuto, Trenton Arthur, Brian Blaney, Corey Hawk, Jared Barnett, Evan Johnson, Jordan Principe, Jatin Jindal, Natalie Coleman, Usman Maher, Kate Hui, Lauren Silva, Irene Conlon, Linh Lam, Mo Bhasin, Aaron Brown


From the coast of Panama to the frigid shores of Alaska, all the way to the golden deserts of UAE, Random Walk 2013 had a little something (and then some) for everyone. Keeping the tradition alive, second year Booth students led trips across the world that were a veritable mélange of cultural, natural and physical pursuits. Never has there been a better means of reconnecting with old friends after a grueling business school summer or meeting the first year students as the second years prepare to hand the Booth baton over to them.

But don't just trust us. Here are some Random Walk experiences straight from two second-year leaders:

According to Caroline Silverman '14, "Random Walk Guatemala included visits to a variety of sights and excursions including exploring the Mayan ruins at Tikal (which we were all excited to see), ziplining in the jungle, biking through a coffee plantation and even climbing a volcano! All participants on RW Guatemala were very happy to be there. The trip would not have been complete without the friends we made along the way including Juancho, Lisa, DSP and Marta the dog!"

Aaron Brown '14 led a group in Fiji: "The Random Walk Fiji trip combined tropical paradise and physical adventure. After kicking off with a team mud bath and hot spring session, the group hit the beaches - snorkeling, paddle-boarding and dancing with Miss Fiji contestants. As the week went on, things got more intense. We hiked deep into the Fijian jungle, kayaked for two days on the Luva River and camped with locals in a mountain village. We highly recommend Fiji for its natural beauty, friendly people, and kava ceremonies."

For more information about the Random Walk trips, visit the 2013 RW site.

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Last Updated 10/25/13