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Golden Gargoyles Offers a Roaring Good Time

By ChiBus Staff  |  november, 2013, Issue 2
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The guys and gals of Booth dolled it up at Golden Gargoyles on Nov. 16. (Photo courtesy Vanessa Xu of PhotoBooth)


The Jazz Age was back in full force at Park West on Nov. 16 for Golden Gargoyles, an annual awards ceremony for films produced by each first-year cohort. Nearly 700 students attended, with many in themed attire.

Best picture was awarded to the Bond cohort, which played with memes for their "Booth Goes Viral" film. Deputy Dean Stacey Kole evoked the Dos Equis character with her "Stay thirsty my friends...for knowledge, that is" line while Siri informed her smart phone user that she "ain't got time for that." "Mock Interview," produced by the Rockefeller cohort, won both the viewer's choice award and best actor. The film's beautiful cinematography illustrated the missteps of a student exploring different career paths during recruiting season.

Several cohorts chose to base their productions on popular films. Davis cohort offered "The Boothrix," while Gargoyles featured a student with a rapping posse in "58 Mile: A Hip Hopera" (also winner of best staff cameo). "Inception 2.0" by Phoenix used an MPP elevator ride and long-winded case study to enact a "shared dream" to convince a student to give up consulting and join Greenpeace. Television series also proved popular. Nobels used the muse of Macklemore for their cover of "How I Met Your Mother," while the Stuart cohort's "The Big Bang Theory," offered elements similar to the network show.

Other cohorts opted for more inside humor, Booth-style. "Getting Everything Out of Your Tuition" by Harper featured a business school linebacker with the singular job of catching a Booth burglar who is partial to green apples and printer paper. An enthusiastic LEAD facil attempts to engage some socially awkward students receiving their first impressions feedback in "Unmasked (Real Booth Students)" by the Maroon cohort. Walker supplied a variety of familiar B-school vignettes in their "Booth Newsreel. The event also featured 1920's inspired performances, including solos by first years Srividya Pandya, Maithili Sagar, Akay Tuncak, Norman Wang, Mike Yeung and second year Lena Dickinson.

Last Updated 11/19/13
Last Updated 11/19/13