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February 11, 2013

Boothies Take the Plunge

By Evan Johnson '14  |  february, 2013, Issue 1
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Booth students (L-R) Brendan Caine, Ross Faldetta, Tiffany Choong, Evan Johnson, and Nathan Dobrofsky ready themselves at Oak Street Beach

Some Booth students look back at Lake Geneva's demanding high ropes course as a life-changing moment that demands courage, physical stamina and the encouragement of peers to get through; others proclaim that it was an amateur hour.

On Jan. 26 five of those risk-loving brave hearts from the Gargoyles cohort fought a chilly 22 degree Chicago winter morning and their own common senses to join the Lakeview Polar Bear Club's Polar Bear Plunge on Oak Street Beach.

The quintet offered varying reasons for joining the aquatic action:

"Yeah, I know it sounds like a dumb idea, but I've been trying really hard to hook up with this girl and there has been a big, fat zero return on my investment so far. So I figured that jumping into the freezing lake water would be a terrific idea. It will have a halo effect and will make me look like a high risk, high reward opportunity that she would love to get her hands on," explained the self-proclaimed team captain, Evan Johnson '14. Yeah, it didn't work!

"I've been struggling trying to decide between small-market private equity firms who focus on leveraged buyouts and the medium-chunky al-dente private equity companies who try to acquire New York's hottest clubs that Stefon keeps talking about," Ross Faldetta '14 droned on. "During my networking sessions - by the way, it's really important to network, especially when you're conducting a mostly off-campus search. I really can't stress that enough! Anyway, a really interesting alum who I found through a double helix connection on LinkedIn told me that doing stupid things, lend clarity to such profound life altering questions." Yeah, it didn't work!

Needless to say, it was a nerve-wracking experience. Nathan Dobrofsky '14 explained how the group overcame it.

"Yeah, I seriously have no idea why Evan felt the need to declare himself captain, or as he demanded to be called, 'O' Exalted Alpha King! I mean, I knew that business school was going to be full of oddballs, but I didn't think it was going to be this bad."

Brendan Cain '14 nodded along in agreement with Dobrofsky's sentiments.

"OORAH, MARINE CORPS!" shouted the universally acknowledged academic of the group.

Rounding out the team was the lone female participant, Tiffany Choong '14. While her male counterparts thanked the pre-plunge brunch and cocktail hour for the much needed warmth, energy and support, Choong credited her record-breaking sprint through the icy waters to the Gargoyle tattoo on her face and her fearless indifference towards the sufferings of old women and children alike. Like a gallant soldier, she elbowed past them with relentless fury and high-stepped through the surf claiming victory in the end.

We had faithful Gargoyle representatives in Caroline Silverman '14 and Marina Lidow '14 who cheered the team on and had way too much common sense to join their inebriated comrades. However, they did participate whole-heartedly in the ancient and sacred MBA pre-gaming ritual so that they could, "make this not just a rad, but a super rad polar bear plunge," wrote Silverman at the bottom of her perennially-ignored GBC meeting notes.

At this time we don't have enough data to determine whether the plunge has passed the super-rad benchmark or not.

Last Updated 2/10/13
Last Updated 2/10/13