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Booth Partners Club: Paying it Forward

By Gargi Gupte  |  december, 2013, Issue 1

Gargi Gupte, co-chair of the Booth Partners Club, shares her perspective on how the club enables partners to cope with the rigors of business school and make the Chicago experience an enjoyable one.

A year just went by with a blink of an eye!

I still remember my first days in Chicago – adjusting to a new country, new culture and a new place that I had to call home for the next two years. My first instinct was to make new friends and keep myself engaged while my husband got busy with school and recruiting. The Booth Partners Club was the redeeming factor. I quickly got involved in the partner club activities and in the process made new friends from across the globe. Together we did all the fun things while my husband toiled away at school.

When the opportunity to lead the club for 2013 opened up, I decided that it was time that I did something for the future incoming partners. I wanted them to experience the support that the Partner Club had provided me, and hence I took up a leadership position within the club. Along with a team of other leaders and co-chairs, we planned activities for the smooth transition of the new incoming partners. We organized events ranging from information sessions about how to settle down in Chicago all the way to getting a job, exploring the various tours the city offers and getting together to watch Broadway shows. The efforts of all the past and present co-chairs have paid off and we can successfully boast of being one of the largest student clubs at Booth with 200 members!

The Booth Partners Club is sensitive to the demands of business school and we want both the students and their partners to have a memorable time here at Booth. Personally for me, the club has played a vital role in keeping me sane through this whirlwind MBA experience. Since we are all in it together, the other partners have been a great support system and I sincerely hope that the new partners vouch for that!

Time flies and soon we will be saying goodbye to Booth as we will begin yet another journey. I only have to thank the Partners Club for introducing me to so many friends and giving me an opportunity to make such wonderful memories in Chicago. It has been a great experience being a leader and member of the club and I hope that our future partners recognize the value of the Booth Partners Club and will also pay it forward when the time comes!

Last Updated 12/1/13
Last Updated 12/1/13