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Return of Club More Than Just Fun and Games

By Jonathan Lii '14  |  april, 2013, Issue 1
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Jen Park, Vanessa Xu, Josh Hirschland and James Hardiman play the recently popular Settlers of Catan.

We are pleased to announce the return of the Chicago Booth Strategy Games Club (SGC)!

In recent months, many Booth students have gotten together to play for informal game nights. The informal club, which has resided only online until now, currently has 150 Boothies signed up on the Facebook group and looks to broaden membership as an official club. The group's co-chairs, Laura Burgos, Joshua Hirschland, Jonathan (Jon) Lii, and Sevgi Yumlu, hope to bring the same energy and excitement from these nights to the broader Booth community.

"We really want this to be a fun place where everybody feels welcome," said Jon. "As part of that, we're placing a strong emphasis on teaching games at each of our game nights and including special training sessions dedicated to educating members about newer games." In addition, the SGC is also going to host other events, such as a game-making night, later this quarter.

"Part of the reason we have found so much interest in this group is that the kinds of analytical thinking and playful competition encouraged by these games are integral to the Booth experience," said Josh. "The games we'll be playing – like Settlers of Catan, The Resistance, and 7 Wonders – are both fun and require the kind of strategic thinking that we use every day."

At the inaugural game night on April 7, more than 20 students came by to eat pizza and play everything from Settlers of Catan to Set. The group will host game nights every other Sunday at 9pm. It is currently free to attend all SGC events. For more information or to get involved, email co-chair Sevgi Yumlu ( and ask to get added to the Facebook group!

Last Updated 4/15/13
Last Updated 4/15/13