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November 12, 2012

AudioBooth Reviews New Albums

By Tosif Khatri ’13; Kristin Sun ’13; Stoyan Stoyanov ’13; Sarah Freeman ’13; and Mingwei Shen ‘13  |  november, 2012, Issue 1

Matt & Kim Lightning: Matt & Kim are back with their fourth outing, as they attempt to delight with enthusiasm, catchiness, and down right fun. "Let's Go," the lead off track, is an extremely catchy, upbeat, borderline anthemic song that I'm sure will make for a great singalong in concert settings. At times, the enthusiasm grates, with songs such as "Now" and "Much Too Late," where Matt's high pitched voice and the driving, punk-inspired pace make it hard to simply sit and listen, but then again, who the hell listens to Matt & Kim while sitting down? It will certainly make for a great concert. Songs such as "I Said" and "Ten Dollars I Found," are substantial departures from their typical, upbeat, poppiness, and may serve to balance some of their extreme energy. - Tosif Khatri '13

No Doubt Push and Shove: I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite bands since middle school - No Doubt. Push and Shove combines No Doubt's trademark ska-infused sound with dance-beats, reggae and a hint of 80s flavor. Though Tragic Kingdom (1995) remains my favorite album, I had no doubt they'd make a solid comeback. Favorite songs? The the 6-minute "Settle-down," "Push and Shove" and "Sparkle." - Kristin Sun '13

The Soulsavers The Light the Dead See: A song and a half into the record I was already a devoted fan of this band. I liked what the Soulsavers did with Mark Lanegan before, but The Light the Dead See is of a different proportion. This one really matters. And this is hardly surprising, given that Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan wrote all of the lyrics and sang all of the songs on the record. All that was missing in Depeche Mode's last two records is in here! Hard to swallow for hardcore fans of the band but I dare you to "Just try." - Stoyan Stoyanov '13

Stars The North: There is nothing exceptionally remarkable about this album except for the fact that it seems to be entirely listenable in any environment. For that, perhaps we should give this album a lot of credit. After a lackluster fifth album, the Montreal-based band is back in fine form, reminding us that still after 10 years, we'll never be quite as tragically romantic as they are. Old fans will appreciate "Backlines," its only flaw being that it's barely two minutes long. The last track "Walls" goes a bit beyond Stars usual comfort zone, employing far more bass and synthesizer; fortunately, they wear it well. - Sarah Freeman '13

Green Day Uno!: A mixed batch of simple pop rock n roll and punkish rock... I won't pretend, I always find it hard to compare "punk". The lead single "Oh Love" was jarring for the first 30 seconds, but the rest of it gives a good dose of Armstrong's easy-to-listen-to vocals. "Carpe Diem" gave me pause as a possible winner, but the chorus was a let-down: stitched up and out of place. The rest of the album such as "Nuclear Family" and  "Fell for You" are classic Green Day. Though I wouldn't say its revolutionary, it adds another 41 mins to my commute and workout playlist. - Mingwei Shen '13

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