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Don’t have an internship yet? Good things come to those who wait.

By: Joanne Chen '14  |  april, 2014

First years, as most of your classmates are religiously attending TNDC and taking cross-continent weekend vacations in the spirit of celebrating their internship offers, you may be nervously watching the clock tick as you obsessively browse GTS. I was in your shoes last year, and I was certainly very anxious.

Scaling the Peaks, Unwashed: Spring Break Inca Trail

By: Linda Yan '15  |  april, 2014

It’s cold, drizzling, and I’m developing the beginnings of tunnel vision. My field of view is starting to grey along the sides and my ears are ringing. Finals? No, just the last mile up the distressingly-named Dead Woman’s Pass, 13,829 feet above sea level.

Booth Spring Ski Trip – Fun in the Sun (and Snow)

By: Tyler Kearn '15  |  april, 2014

I got off the shuttle bus in Park City, Utah. The high for the next day was 67, and I was breaking a sweat in my heavy jacket as I lugged my ski boots and the rest of my luggage into the hotel lobby. The shuttle driver asked why were in town, as if all the ski equipment wasn’t a dead giveaway. When I told him we were there to ski, he looked back at us confused: “You do know it’s mid-April?”

Gentleman of Booth reflect on Women's fashion

By: Kristin Cho ‘15  |  april, 2014

Gals are excited to pack away their dull down jackets and reload their closets with fresh spring colors now that the weather finally turning benevolent here in Chicago. When considering the upcoming inevitable retail season that is to ensue, I thought it would be amusing, and entertaining to get the other genders’ perspective. The gentleman of Booth didn't disappoint, here is what they had to say.