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read this network failures the american dream and greditors

By Chelsea Vail

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The challenges of network reliability 

From Marty Lariviere at the Operations Room: If you’re following the network failures at United Airlines, the New York Stock Exchange, and TD Ameritrade, read this think-through of uptimes, costs, and how current technology compares to Ma Bell.

US intergenerational mobility since WWII

From Nathaniel Hilger at VOX (CEPR): If you’re a fan of the American Dream, read this to see how over time, space, and groups, it has become more or less achievable, statistically speaking.   

Greditors 1, Grebtors 0

From Alvin Rabushka at Thoughtful Ideas: The crisis in Greece has generated new terminology—we have “Grexit,” “Greferendum,” and now, thanks to Rabushka, “Greditors” and “Grebtors.” 


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