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read this super bowl ads cheaper smartphones and Chinese housing

By Chelsea Vail

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Super Tuesday for Super Bowl advertisers

From Tim Calkins at Strongbrands: This Tuesday was ‘Super Tuesday’ for Super Bowl advertisers says Calkins, because it’s when many firms release teasers and try to create hype leading up to the main event. What makes today stand out? Follow the link for the marketing professor’s take on the most anticipated TV spots of the year.

Cheaper smartphones

From Marty Lariviere at the Operations Room: Imagine a smartphone company whose strategy and operations align to deliver greater value to the consumer than Apple or Samsung could ever manage. That smartphone company is Xiaomi, a Chinese startup that holds the distinction of being the third largest player in the market, while also being the most valuable tech startup today.

What drives housing dynamics in China?

From Timothy Bian and Pedro Gete at Econbrowser: In China, house prices have gone up quickly even as they have gone down elsewhere in the developed world. Bian and Gete look at five possible explanations for this, and share the findings of their analysis.


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