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dispatches on the asian monetary policy forum

By Chelsea Vail

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You have questions about monetary policy: How did bankers become rock stars? What do Fannie and Freddie have to do with South Korean borrowing spreads? Steven J. Davis of Chicago Booth has answers. He has shared his insights in seven blog posts inspired by the work presented at the inaugural Asian Monetary Policy Forum, and we've rounded them up here because you're going to want to read them all.

Inaugural Asian Monetary Policy Forum
"Today marks the first Asian Monetary Policy Forum (AMPF), a new platform for the analysis and discussion of monetary issues confronting Asian policymakers."

Failure to be boring
"'Become as boring a public figure as possible.' Such was Greg Mankiw's sincere advice to new Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in 2006." 

Securing financial stability: What role for monetary policy?
"The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007-09 has compelled central bankers to reconsider the role of monetary policy in securing financial stability." 

Securing financial stability: Macroprudential policy
"Macroprudential policy aims to manage systemic risks to the financial system and to prevent those risks from damaging the economy."

Living with financial globalization: Interest rate linkages
"International financial linkages offer the potential for large economic benefits while presenting major risks and difficult policy challenges."

Living with financial globalization: Monetary policy spillovers
"While it is easy to see interest-rate linkages at work in extreme episodes, they operate in more tranquil times as well."

Living with financial globalization: Capital flows
"Financial globalization is a double-edged sword for emerging market economies (EMEs). It offers potentially large economic benefits and major risks."


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