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By Chelsea Vail

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What happens when you put three economists on stage and ask them about the future? There's no punch line here, I promise—just really compelling discourse from some of the best minds in business. Chicago Booth's dean, Sunil Kumar, introduced Randall S. Kroszner, Austan D. Goolsbee, and Carl R. Tannenbaum, AB '81, MBA '84, before they spoke at Economic outlook 2014 in Chicago on January 8. 

"We decided to do it in January because we felt our economists would need the seven day head start," Kumar joked. "There are no rebates because the prediction is only for 358 days." 

Here you have a chance to decide for yourselves whether the head start helped—use the playlist below to watch the whole thing, or skip to the speaker whose insights for the coming year you have anticipated most. Spoiler alert: None of them kept to the 12 minute time limit set forth by Kumar, who moderated the event. You can let us know what you think by joining the conversation on Twitter—reach us at the @BoothCapIdeas handle and use #BoothEO2014.


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