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By Chelsea Vail

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It's strange, but true—the same people who brought you this musical tribute to Ben Bernanke brought you the 2014 US Monetary Policy Forum and set Econ Twitter chirping with talk of forward guidance on February 28. Really, the conversation might be described as, "forward guidance on forward guidance." Academics, market economists, and policy makers gathered at the invitation-only Initiative on Global Markets–sponsored event to discuss "Market Tantrums and Monetary Policy," the paper written for the forum by Michael Feroli, Anil Kashyap, Kim Schoenholtz, and Hyun Song Shin. 

Here's a partial roundup of coverage. Check back for updates, and join the conversation on Twitter with #USMPF. 

"Fed Hears Warning that Tightening Policy May Spark Market Tumult" - Joshua Zumbrun, Bloomberg

"For the Fed, a Recipe for Crisis Without Leverage" - Binyamin Appelbaum, New York Times

"Emerging Markets Inflow Numbers Point to Exit by Investors" - Landon Thomas Jr., New York Times

"Will Fed Rate Rises Cause a Financial Crisis?" - Robin Harding, Financial Times


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