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By Chelsea Vail

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The Capital Ideas blog brings you research, analysis, and commentary from Chicago Booth and beyond. This is our weekly list of must-reads from around the blogosphere.

Does selling over the web offer better margins?

From at  Marty Lariviere at the Operations Room: It's Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday in this analysis of margins. Does brick-and-mortar beat out web sales for profitability? It depends on how a retailer deals with fixed vs. variable costs, among other issues.

Capuchin monkeys are not fooled by Veblen goods

From Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution: Humans are susceptible to thinking that more expensive means better. Not so for monkeys, who aren't affected by price information—looks like that's a uniquely human practice.

Blinders and What's wrong with macro?

From John Cochrane at the Grumpy Economist: You're getting a Jeff Carter–endorsed two-fer here, with two great posts for understanding macroeconomics, and what's wrong with it according to the Grumpy Economist himself.


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