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Daily data: Poor people make more-rational consumer decisions

By Jane Porter - March 04, 2015
New psychological research indicates that income plays an important role in people's decision-making...

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Daily data: Household investment decisions influenced by performance report presentation

By Dee Gill - March 02, 2015
Small changes in the way retirement funds display performance information can have big effects...

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Read this: Famous economists, the CBO at 40, and US R&D

By Chelsea Vail - February 26, 2015
This is our weekly list of must-reads from around the blogosphere.

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What to expect from a Greek debt default

By Robin Mordfin - February 25, 2015
In order to prevent a bankruptcy and default on March 1, the eurozone’s finance ministers approved...

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Daily data: Your voice is an important job-search tool

By Dee Gill - February 24, 2015
Job candidates are better able to communicate their intellect when they voice their credentials, either...

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Daily data: AP exam scores rise with more time between tests

By Dee Gill - February 23, 2015
Here's a tip for the Type A high school student who wants to maximize his scores on Advanced Placement...

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Daily data: How to increase bike-share ridership at no additional cost

By Dee Gill - February 20, 2015
Bike-sharing programs in cities like Paris, Beijing, and Chicago encourage commuters to use public transportation by supplying bikes...

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Read this: Econ blogs, R&D returns, and very interesting charts

By Chelsea Vail - February 19, 2015
This is our weekly list of must-reads from around the blogosphere.

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Daily data: Nobel Prize–winning research on GMM and volatility modeling, linked

By Michael Maiello - February 18, 2015
In their new paper, “Generalized Method of Integrated Moments for High-Frequency Data,” Xiu and Li link the work of Nobel Prize winners...

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Valentine's data: Committing to love lowers stress

By Robin Mordfin - February 13, 2015
Turns out, marriage and other long-term romantic commitments alter hormones in a way that reduces...

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