Tomer Yogev, ’10

Cofounder and Chief Synergist

Tomer Yogev

Combine equal parts of successful tech entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and total smartass, and you’d likely end up with something pretty close to Tomer Yogev. While an undergrad at Northwestern, Yogev founded his first company and joined his first venture to later be acquired. He has since launched or colaunched over a dozen companies, participated in multiple acquisitions, earned a Booth MBA, did a stint in venture capital, and become a noted expert on entrepreneurship and innovation.

As executive innovation coach at TandemSpring, Yogev works with startup leaders to refine strategy, operations, and leadership, as well as with corporate innovation and venture teams to deepen innovation efforts. Proudly married to his amazing wife, Monika, Yogev resides in Bucktown where he quietly laments the loss of his neighborhood’s artistic soul, but will just as soon go to a hipster vegan cafe and walk his dogs, Sami and Maiko, along the 606.

You can find Yogev on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.