Ted Wright, ’00


Photo of Ted Wright

If you have seen or heard about major brands such as JetBlue, United Healthcare, Allstate Insurance, AT&T, and Applebee’s in the past few years, chances are it’s because of Ted Wright. He has contributed to several consumer revolutions in the United States, taking big brand clients to the next level of marketing.

Wright has been at the forefront of Word of Mouth Marketing since he helped reignite the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand in 2000. Over the past decade, his agency, Fizz, has become a global leader in word of mouth marketing with clients on every continent.

As keynote speaker, author, and word of mouth marketing pioneer, Wright helps organizations identify influencers and create communications, resulting in the most effective marketing technique available today.

Wright has received numerous speaking awards for his thought-provoking programs.

An alumnus of Booz Allen & Hamilton, Wright holds an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago. He also enjoys great bourbon and driving too fast, but never at the same time.