Shellie Willet-Kruchko

Women's Leadership Lab

Shellie Kruchko

Shellie Willet-Kruchko is a cofounder of the Women’s Leadership Lab, a training organization committed to the empowerment of female leaders in the global marketplace.

Since 1999, Willet-Kruchko has been designing and facilitating group experiential learning programs grounded in collaborative, relational-cultural models focusing on the skills and value of collaborative team building; emerging cultural impacts of diversity dynamics; the intra-/interpersonal development of emotional and relational intelligences; honing abilities to manifest change in oneself and one’s sphere of influence; and authentically changing female leadership quandaries.

As a clinical psychologist and consultant since 1997, Willet-Kruchko integrates the above domains while teaching the transformative power of personal responsibility, authentic communication practices, and the mindfulness skills needed for grounding in a mind/body/soul connection for optimal health and functioning.

Her work is informed by continual integration of the neurosciences of happiness, resilience, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, nutrition, and relational-cultural psychology.

Whether in the corporate or private sphere, Willet-Kruchko is committed to supporting people in self-authorizing their authentic leadership style; making values and strength-based choices; and creating deeply satisfying lives.

Willet-Kruchko holds a PhD from Northwestern University. At this stage, Willet-Kruchko sees herself as an expert, defined as: a student in deep practice, sharing wisdom wholeheartedly.